Exports in furniture increased, the sector focused on employment

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Exports in furniture increased, the sector focused on employment

Ankara Furnishers Lakeci Artisans and Craftsmen Chamber (ANKAMOB) President Hussein Tumbler, Turkey, at the end of last year of $ 700 million in furniture exports to the level in 2009 is 5 billion dollars, reported that the increase in parallel they anticipate an increase in employment.

Hüseyin Taklacı, who is also the President of Elmadağ Furniture Specialization Organized Industrial Zone (OSB), made an assessment of the furniture sector’s appearance in 2019.

Stating that the Siteler region, which has been producing furniture since the 1960s in Ankara, has hosted more than 15 thousand businesses, Taklacı said that the region provides more than 70 thousand jobs.

Turkey’s developmental demonstrated over the years, the Sites, and the Middle East Tumbler stating largest furniture has become a manufacturing center, “almost every province in the production of furniture made in our country 300 thousand people directly, are offered the opportunity to work indirectly 1.5 million people. Elmadağ It is aimed to provide an additional 10 thousand employment with the activation of the Furniture Manufacturers Specialization OIZ in 2022. In 2023, the 100th anniversary of our Republic, we anticipate that the furniture industry will work with at least 500 thousand direct employment. ” he spoke.

“Furniture is among the top 10 export sectors”

Taklacı stated that when looking at the sectoral distribution of the enterprises in the capital, furniture manufacturing ranks 2nd with a share of 10.65 percent. Noting that the furniture sector exports have increased from $ 12 million to $ 200 million in Ankara alone in the last 10 years, and that it stands out among other industries, Taklacı said that if supported, the industry will grow even more, offer more job opportunities and contribute more to the country.

Hüseyin Taklacı stated that the furniture industry is among the top 10 export sectors, Taklacı made the following assessment:

” 700$ million in furniture exports, which in 2009 in Turkey, and in 2019 reached $ 5 billion by the end of. The most furniture exports to the countries of Iraq, Israel, Iran, Britain, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Georgia, USA and Azerbaijan as The lowest trade volume was recorded in South and East Asian countries (Japan, Indonesia, Mongolia, Malaysia) and West African countries. “

Quality increased in furniture, imports decreased “

Taklacı also drew attention to the decrease in furniture imports. Stating that furniture imports, which were over $ 1 billion in 2009, declined to $ 700 million in 2018, Taklacı reported that imports dropped to $ 600 million last year with the development of quality and design in domestic production.

ANKAMOB President Taklacı said:

“In the 2023 Industry and Technology Strategy Plan of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, it was stated that measures will be taken to ensure the balance of domestic and import and investment mechanisms will be established. In this context, the furniture and wood business sector, which can be produced entirely by domestic production, is one of the sectors that can bring high value-added foreign currency to our country. exports dependence on domestic sources and imported products, which are the biggest users of at least one of the sectors of furniture, Turkey will make a major contribution to the achievement of the 2023 targets. “

07 Mart 2021
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