Furniture exporters’ target is the world’s top 5

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Furniture exporters’ target is the world’s top 5

The oiler Cahit Doğan , at the press conference held in the Aegean Exporters Unions with the pandemic rules measures, said that they made an export of 695 million dollars as a confederation in 2020.

Oiler said that Turkey experienced an increase in exports of furniture in general “Due to the pandemic, by staying just home, people only spend their money  for their houses needs and  this movement continues.”

Stating that they have an export target of 755 million dollars for this year, the oiler said, “We consider this year as the year of the design. We are even more,  fully confident that we will make an attack towards the summer as the pandemic eases .”

In One of the world’s  most known research center report, the oiler who in Turkey’s global furniture exports increase tremendously from 6 digits to eighth , bypassing several  said:  “As an industry our first goal is to be among the  world’s top 5 furniture exporters and our furniture sector has the potential  to achieve this.”

Stating that the Ministry of Commerce is carrying out studies in line with the US-specific strategy for the furniture sector and that a logistics center is planned to be established in the USA in this context, The oiler said, “There is a potential of 150 billion dollars in the USA. A large part of this is from China. It imports about 50 billion dollars of furniture. Our share is very low. What we lack is design. It is essential to increase the number of associate and license institutions that provide education on furniture. “

26 Mart 2021
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