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Her Details of Change in the Office

Her Details of Change in the Office

Office Design Suitable for People’s Use

Like every design, there is a process in office design. Before starting office design, we need to create user focus. “This office; who? for what? and how long will it be used?” Finding answers to such questions is an important issue for the application of the design to the needs. We start by creating a needs program with the answers to these questions. We need to express the functions of the departments and the relations they establish with each other in abstraction. When the relations of the areas are established, we can start to create our layout in detail. We need a user-appropriate design process by considering details such as the location, shape, width of the space, and the direction of daylight over a concept.

  • First of all, in our National Security Project, we divided the departments into floors for working systems based on our needs program. Later, we divided the departments among themselves and linked them to each other. Thus, the first desired areas were revealed. Afterwards, we decided on other stages based on the concept we determined.

Separation of Planned Partitions:

  • In order to divide the spaces we have created, we need to choose the materials according to the user demands and the function of the space. Another important thing we pay attention to when choosing is daylight. In order to increase your comfort and efficiency, we should consider when choosing materials.
  • • Glass to glass office partition systems when creating the meeting room and departments; we used plasterboard in the interview areas.

• We have applied glass doors in all areas in order not to disturb the transparent integrity.


Concentration is important in our work areas. Choosing the right flooring makes the difference in terms of comfort and productivity. Allowing for differences in floors separates the areas. This difference affects your rest and work times, directly affecting your perception.


We preferred an easy-to-clean, self-patterned black carpet that contributes to air quality in meeting and executive areas, provides sound control and improves air quality.

We used oak parquet to maintain the warmth in the work areas.

• We did not spoil the existing marble in the corridors and waiting areas.

Wall Colors:

  • We spend more time at our homes in the areas where we work. Therefore, we must consider the effect of colors on our psychology. Rather than having the same color on each of your walls, we need to choose colors that are suitable for that area.

Three facades of our project building were surrounded by windows. The wall, on the other hand, was the core of our building. For this reason, we directed the colored area to the furniture and preferred the walls in white and anthracite.


Our furniture is the step that makes our offices different and can change the stance of the space. It is important to choose furniture that is ergonomic, suitable for people’s use and office designs. The concept that you determine during the design phase will be beneficial in your choice of furniture. In addition to the importance of the model of your furniture, they also benefit from the accessories, armchairs and especially the colors you choose to reveal your furniture.

We can say that we chose versatile furniture in our project.

We preferred a white table top and an elegant leg model suitable for the openness of the floor in the working areas. Because what we wanted to show in this area was the color of the seats.

The Deputy Director continued in this way with our preferred ‘Baroque’ and your office chair on the dark floor.

On the other hand, we chose the colors of the more complex wooden armchairs and the colors suitable for the furniture legs and walls. We kept the meeting rooms the same as the executive room.

Change of Existing Products

We can revise the available products in our offices in line with our concept. We can diversify it, such as the color change of the doors, the evaluation of the existing cabinet in another area.

• In our project, we changed the lower cabinet doors of the windows on the working floors in accordance with our furniture.

• We designed the existing filing cabinet in our executive room as a TV unit to revise.

• And again, we polished the lower cabinets of the windows in the executive room and revised their colors.

As Cagin Proje-Interior Architecture, we produce solutions for your offices, down to all the details, in line with your needs. Contact us to take advantage of our turnkey solutions!

25 Ağustos 2021
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