How Does Office Furniture Affect Work Psychology?

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How Does Office Furniture Affect Work Psychology?

Office furniture manufacturers, who develop R&D and design studies according to the demands they receive from the business world, made interesting statements about how office furniture affects working psychology.

Drawing attention to the length of working hours, manufacturers argued that office design, furniture color and the design of workgroups have a significant impact on the performance of office workers. It was stated that the hierarchy of authority and furniture ergonomics in the company are among the factors considered in the production of office furniture.

Osman Şahin, General Manager of 4Gen Office Furniture, who stated that they developed industrial designs according to occupational groups and employee psychology, said that company managers should be more careful when ordering furniture.

Emphasizing that they are designing offices with the help of the interior architect and the 3D-max program, Sarı stated that the employees should consider all psychological factors before buying office furniture and decide accordingly.


Emphasizing that 4Gen Office Furniture considers occupational groups as the first parameter in production, Şahin said:

“Which professional group you belong to plays an important role in the selection of furniture. For example, if you are a lawyer, you need to choose more serious and light colors, or if you are thinking of office furniture for a social media agency, you need to choose more vivid colors. An office furniture design that does not match the nature of your work will evolve over time. work will negatively affect your psychology.”


4Gen Office Furniture Industrial Products Designer and Project Manager Tolgahan Okumuş, who underlined that the employees should make the necessary examinations before purchasing office furniture, explained the points to be considered in the selection of office furniture:

“First of all, you need to have a good grasp of the dimensions and physical characteristics of your office. The width and dimensions of the rooms, in cm/m2, is a must-have information. At this point, one of the most common mistakes is choosing furniture that does not fit the space physically. Secondly, you should prioritize quality. made, healthy and durable furniture will make you feel good.In addition to these, the usefulness and aesthetics of office furniture is another important factor. Because concepts such as work motivation or concentration are directly related to the use and appearance of office furniture. Your choice of office furniture should support you psychologically, work It should increase your enthusiasm.”

23 Haziran 2021
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