How should office furniture be?

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How should office furniture be?

In our “second home” offices where more time is spent than homes, it is necessary to provide a comfortable and more efficient working environment. So, how to choose office furniture?

Stating that the way to the right office is to choose ergonomic, useful and healthy furniture, office furniture sector representatives emphasize that every professional group should choose furniture suitable for their job.

It is very important to create a comfortable and stylish working environment in offices where nearly 50 hours a week is spent. However, it is also very difficult to decide on the right furniture among many alternatives. Well, would every useful or ergonomic furniture produced be suitable for all sectors?

Leading the furniture industry with its special designs since 1958, 4GEN FURNITURE General Manager Osman Şahin stated that although the aim is to choose functional, ergonomic and healthy furniture, the products vary according to the occupational groups.

Underlining that every profession has its own soul and working system, Şahin said, “Choosing an office furniture is a process that should not be decided without much thought and research. The usage of the furniture should be suitable for the work done in that office as well as the health and elegance dimension. it almost reflects the spirit of the work that comes out of that office. The importance of the first impression in business life cannot be denied. It is important to make the person entering through the door feel that he is in the right place ”.

Noting that office furniture is selected for dynamic, active and incoming guests in customer-oriented sectors, Şahin said:

“Offices with high movement and intense guest circulation take into consideration customer comfort and convenience as a priority in their furniture and the elegance of the office. In sectors with a high number of employees, it is important to include furniture in the office where they feel comfortable and to prefer warmer and solid colors. Let’s consider a financial center.

While the furniture used coincides with the seriousness of the profession, colors and textures should also be chosen in accordance with this style. Furniture to be preferred by a construction company should be different from the working areas of architectural groups, although there are close sectors. “

Ergonomics and health are indispensable

Noting that there are features that should be present in every office furniture, even in different areas, Şahin said, “All working areas should be functional, economical, healthy and socially sufficient as possible. The sustainability of the products also stands out at this point. With sustainable offices, it is possible to both contribute to the company economy and leave the least impact on the environment ”.

Stating that 4GEN FURNITURE works with companies operating in construction, finance, health, defense, technology, architectural groups, service and industry sectors, Şahin said, “We first analyze the job description in order to sign useful, sustainable and efficient offices. For example, while we suggest a different seat in a construction company, we suggest a different product to an architectural group.

The table we place in a health institution may not reflect the technology company. We take care to protect the manager-employee-customer balance in companies by developing design solutions for each occupational group, ”he said.

27 Mayıs 2021
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