Office furniture industry continues to grow every year

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Office furniture industry continues to grow every year

OMSİAD Chairman of the Board Ercan Ata evaluated the situation of the office furniture industry.

First of all, can we get brief information about OMSİAD? What does OMSİAD do? What are its duties?

In 1999, OMSİAD contributed to high-quality production in high technology with the initiatives of the leading companies of our sector, supporting the development of the sector in the national and international market, raising awareness of innovations and developments in the sector, producing solutions to sector problems, increasing the communication among the members, disseminating professional ethics, in social, economic and cultural fields. was established to fulfill objectives such as increasing sectoral efficiency by creating cooperation.

Relationships are established with various institutions and organizations for the sector benefits of our 78 member companies, and solutions are tried to be produced for the problems of the sector on every platform.

Representing the office furniture sector, which grows without a current account deficit with its value-added exports to our country’s economy and whose importance is better understood day by day, OMSİAD continues its activities as an effective non-governmental organization. OMSİAD, further strengthening of Turkey’s shining star in the furniture industry, which aims to make Turkey a country Turkey Furniture Furniture Association Federation mosfed been a pioneer in the establishment, the federation is established to support the work taking place in management.

As a result of the developments in the world in recent years, there have been unexpected increases in foreign currency values. As a result of the shaking of the economic balances, production, import and export values decreased in many sectors. As the office furniture sector, our export values in the first 8 months of 2017 have grown by 5 percent compared to the first 8 months of 2016. While our export value in the first 8 months of 2016 was 191 million 200 thousand Dollars, this figure reached 201 million 810 thousand Dollars in 2017. The office furniture industry continues to develop, growing at least 4 percent each year compared to the previous year.

How is the interest in Turkish products in the international market? Especially in recent years, R & D and design results in a better understanding of the importance of our brands and products produced in Turkey and accepted in the world market office furniture sector is becoming a sought-after market. The important brands of the sector are the brands that are followed abroad as well as in our country. Orgatec, Milano etc. in international office furniture fairs. There are many Turkish brands such as, and they are admired by world furniture buyers. We can understand from the fact that the export figures already increase every year.

Finally, can we take your 2017 performance evaluation and learn your predictions about our expectations for 2018?

By exporting 34 percent of what we produce, we have been providing continuous and regular foreign trade surplus for more than 15 years. Today, we are the country that exports furniture in the 12th place in the world, making 1.4 percent of the world’s furniture exports. We rank 14th in the world in furniture consumption. Thanks to the reduced VAT rate in 2017, our capacity utilization rate reached 76.8 percent. Our investment expenditures on R&D and design, whose importance has been recognized by our industrialists recently and supported by various incentives by our state, increased from 12 million TL in 2009 to 17.8 million TL by increasing 25 percent. Currently, 7 design and 9 R&D centers have been opened. These studies show that the future of our sector will be better than today and our numbers will increase every year.

16 Nisan 2021
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