Order shift in the office furniture industry

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Order shift  in the office furniture industry

Firms operating in the office furniture sector are working overtime to keep up with the increasing international orders with the transition to the normalization process in the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic in many countries.

The closure of offices worldwide due to the epidemic caused a decrease in the sales of the office furniture industry. In countries where the pandemic was taken under control, dynamism started in the sector with the reopening of offices.


Gökhan Hepkafadar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of Office and Business Furniture Manufacturers (OFİSMOD), told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they provided the business connections they wanted at the MODEKO-International İzmir Furniture Fair held on March 4-8 this year, but they made their orders due to the Kovid-19 outbreak. He said they could not send.

Hepkafadar stated that exports in the sector started with the normalization process and that they received the information that the works were opened in the meetings with the members of the association.

Hepkafadar stated that the support provided by the government and the appropriate credit facilities of the public banks were effective in this. Stating that there were no members who shut down the workplace during the epidemic process, Hepkafadar said, “The epidemic process was an opportunity for us. We were drawn to our shell and we turned to it how we can improve ourselves. We developed our product range, we researched in which markets we can find a place.” he spoke.

Stating that they have reached approximately 300 million dollars annually in office furniture exports, Hepkafadar said, “Our target for 2023 is 1 billion dollars. We have full faith that we will achieve this.” said.

Stating that most office furniture was sent from Turkey to Iraq and then to Germany, Hepkafadar said, “There is an incredible demand in the sector right now. Our production facilities are on the way. Our production will increase even more at the end of August.” used the expressions.


Stating that office furniture is exported to over 100 countries from Turkey, Hepkafadar stated that there has been an increase in sales to African countries in recent years. Hepkafadar, who advised companies to make R&D and design investments, said:

“There is an incredible demand for Turkish products. There is an intense demand especially from African countries. However, our target is the USA market. There is a great demand from the USA. After the crisis with China, Turkey can make a big profit from this business. If we introduce our products in that market, very quickly. we get results. “

08 Mayıs 2021
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