The furniture industry has set its sights on the US market

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The furniture industry has set its sights on the US market

The furniture industry has set its sights on the US market

Mustafa Balcı, President of the Turkish Furniture Manufacturers Association (MOSDER), said that the exporters of the sector have risen to an advantageous position in the US market.

Mustafa Balcı, President of the Turkish Furniture Manufacturers Association (MOSDER), who visited Bursa, said that he was re-elected as the chairman in the 11th ordinary general assembly of the association and that he would continue to work to serve the industry better.

Emphasizing that their primary goal is to increase the export of furniture, which has achieved a good trend, Balcı stated that they will bring buyers from abroad, especially from Africa and Asia, to the fairs they will organize. Referring to their export targets, Balcı said, “We aim to increase our exports by 25 percent on dollar basis compared to last year. We expect furniture exports to exceed 4 billion dollars by the end of this year. We need to increase this figure to at least 6 billion dollars in 2023.” said. Balcı pointed out that the designs of Turkish furniture are admired all over the world.

Balcı stated that Middle East, European, Asian and American countries follow the Turkish furniture industry and continued his words as follows:

“Our sales are very high. The future of the industry is very clear. The industry will go further and our sales will spread to the world. We are currently eyeing the United States. America’s Minister of Commerce came 7-8 months ago and collected the furniture capacity reports in Turkey. “America is currently making feasibility studies on production. When we open our doors to America, it will not be enough to put more than our current capacity. Because America has stopped its purchases from China. Costs are high due to the container crisis. That’s why we are lucky compared to China.” “

Mustafa Balcı stated that the demand for furniture has increased during the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) process. Mentioning that armchairs and sofas should be changed every 5 years in terms of hygiene, Balcı said, “That’s why right now everyone wants to change and renew their belongings and try to live at home by saying ‘Life fits at home’.” made its assessment.


Explaining that the sales in the domestic market increased with the start of the wedding season, Balcı said:

“We only have some problems due to raw materials. We have a big problem with glass, chipboard, MDF and MDF-LAM. Hopefully we will solve this problem. We met with the Minister of Trade Mehmet Muş and Şişecam General Manager. Necessary measures were taken. Our meetings with the Minister Muş resulted in results. and finally a decision was made to limit the export of raw materials to abroad. This was a great support for us. I thank him very much. I hope that if Şişecam pours colored glass, our big glass problem will be solved.”

Balcı expressed their satisfaction that, as furniture manufacturers, the exports of wood chips and fiberboard and timber products are included in the list of goods subject to registration. Pointing out that exporting raw materials as a furniture product with high added value will increase the country’s export share per kilogram, Balcı stated that as a result, the furniture industry will win with its suppliers, manufacturers and sellers.


Balcı stated that in January 2022, a furniture fair will be held in Istanbul on an area of 120 thousand square meters. Balcı stated that there was not even one square meter of space left in the fair and they sold all of it, “It will be Europe’s second largest, strong, capacity and comprehensive fair after Italy.” used the phrase.

Noting that furniture making is a labor-intensive sector, Balcı added that for this reason, there is a constant need for labor force and they are looking for workers.

04 Ağustos 2021
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