The Importance of Office Lighting

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The Importance of Office Lighting

The Importance of Office Lighting

How aware are you of the importance of office lighting? Did you know that the light in the working environment has a greater impact on your productivity and health than you can imagine?

A working environment with natural light allows you to be more productive at work and helps you sleep better at night. According to a study by Michigan State University, spending too much time in dimly lit areas, such as poorly lit offices, can alter the brain structure of mice by affecting recalling information and learning new things. According to the results of this research, the quality of light in our physical environment affects us seriously.

MSU neurologists studied the brains of Nile grass mice, which are similar to humans in their sleeping habits, and discovered that after four weeks of exposure to dim light, the mice’s hippocampus (the region of the brain responsible for learning and memory) capacity was reduced by 30%. Mice exposed to bright light had improved positional performance; When mice exposed to dim light were given bright light for a month, their lost mental capacities were fully recovered.

According to the researchers, “dim light” means average winter days or normal indoor lighting. It’s no wonder, actually, we tend to feel more mentally giddy during the winter, right?

How should lighting be in workplaces?

We would like to share with you a few suggestions to provide the right lighting in the offices where we spend most of the day, especially in winter days when the daylight decreases.

“Make Maximum Use of Natural Light”           

Studies show that poorly lit areas with small windows increase stress and tension. For this reason, first of all, office design should be done in a way to make maximum use of natural light in the working area.

– Avoid dark glass and wall colors. Light-colored walls should be preferred, especially in small and narrow offices, as dark colors do not reflect light very much.

To give an example of the reflection factors (ρ) of colors:

Black 0.05

dark red 0.10

medium gray 0.20

light brown 0.30

light gray 0.40

sky blue 0.40

Pink,Light green 0.45

light yellow 0.70

White 0.80

Ideal Lighting should be provided.

Office lighting should be determined as needed by the work to be done. It should be determined which area needs how much light in the work area, and the light should be adjusted so that it does not disturb the eyes but does not cause trouble to see.

Personal Illuminations can be preferred

General lighting in personal work areas such as executive rooms, single office desks can be supplemented with lighting such as personal lampshades.

However, personal lighting lights or table lamps should never be pointed directly at the face. In addition, using yellow light instead of white for personal lighting will tire the eyes less.

Final Word: When good lighting is provided in working environments;

-Efficiency increases

-Eye health is protected,

-Stress decreases, positive emotions increase

-Employee energy increases

-The motivation and workplace belonging of the employees, whose life comfort increases, increase.

Considering all these, you should pay attention to providing the right lighting in office design.

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