‘Turkey ranked first in exports to Georgia’

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‘Turkey ranked first in exports to Georgia’

Turkey Batumi Consulate General of Commercial Attaché Michael Develioglu of companies in Georgia, HPP investments, textiles, garments, tourism and hotels, furniture, food, reported that cleaning supplies and service sectors, including virtually every industry operates.

Develioğlu, the task of specifying that Georgia and the development of economic and commercial relations between Turkey, to develop social and cultural relations as well as the existing relationship also expressed strong significance.

Turkey and Georgia are among Develioglu Referring to the identity switch application, “Northern Cyprus is the only country of Georgia we can input and output identity after the Turkish Republic. This is the most important indicator of friendship and brotherhood between the two countries.” said.

Develioğlu, Georgia that most exporting countries is Turkey’s attention, 17 percent of the total exports of Turkey to Georgia, he said.

In exports to Georgia that included Turkey’s first transfer Develioğlu, “in Adjara our company has close to 400. 1 billion pounds to close investment is concerned these companies. Our company HPP investments, textiles, garments, tourism and hotels, furniture, food operates in almost every sector including cleaning supplies and service sector. ” he spoke.

Develioğlu, Turkish companies that the contractor services in also takes place at the forefront in Adjara, said that Turkey gave $ 1 billion to close contracting services in this region, of which in Turkey and Georgia relationship expressed that indicator reached a good point.

Stating that the current administration got stronger after the elections in Georgia, Develioğlu continued his words as follows

“We think this is important politically and for the stability of the region. We invite our businessmen to invest in Georgia.

There is a democratic structure in Georgia. Georgia is in the process of becoming a member of both the European Union and NATO. There is cultural affinity between Georgian and Turkish peoples. In this respect, it is possible to structure relations more solidly. Under the chairmanship of our Batumi Consul General, Yasin Temizkan, we, as the Commercial Attaché, would like to inform our businessmen who want to invest and do business in the region that we are always ready to help. our citizens in Georgia to Turkey, and we invite our citizens in Turkey to develop our relations and to invest in Georgia. “

Develioğlu, noting that Georgia is an attractive country for Turkish businessmen, said, “There is a geographical proximity between the two countries. Although Georgian is the official language of Georgia, Turkish is widely spoken in Adjara region. Also, since every area is untouched, it is always attractive to invest in these areas. ” used the expression.

“Georgia is a country in need of industrialization”

07 Mart 2021
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