Turkey’s exports to neighboring countries, which makes it became clear

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Turkey’s exports to neighboring countries, which makes it became clear

According to the AA correspondent that Turkey Exporters Assembly of information and data collected by the Ministry of Commerce, which made Turkey’s foreign sales amounted to 9 months of this year was recorded as 118 billion 355 million dollars.

Turkey, January-September neighboring Iran, Greece, Iraq, Georgia, Syria and Bulgaria has made 10 billion 802 million dollars in exports. The said amount was at the level of 12 billion 441 million dollars in the same period of last year.

In the 9-month period, the highest export was made to Iraq with 5 billion 15 million 967 thousand dollars. This country was followed by Bulgaria with 1 billion 738 million 643 thousand dollars and Greece with 1 billion 241 million 788 thousand dollars. During this period, the least export was made to Syria with 670 million 985 thousand dollars.

First place is the “chemical materials and products” sector.

Turkey 9 months when the distribution of the sector’s exports to the neighboring examined, “chemical substances and products” sector were seen in the first place. From this sector, 1 billion 769 million 94 thousand dollars of exports were made to 6 neighboring countries in the January-September period. Chemical substances and products sector was followed by “cereals, pulses, oil seeds and products” with 1 billion 295 million 930 thousand dollars, “furniture, paper and forest products” with 984 million 677 thousand dollars.

The sectors with the least exports were listed as “ships and yachts” with 5 million 938 thousand dollars, “ornamental plants” with 6 million 936 thousand dollars and “other industrial products” with 7 million 991 thousand dollars.

As Turkey’s land borders has 8 neighbors. These are Iran, Greece, Iraq, Georgia, Greece, Bulgaria, Nakhichevan and Armenia.

Since there is no data for Nakhichevan, it was not included in the calculation. direct trade between Turkey and Armenia is not done.

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